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From EFF’s Deep Links: Chinese New Year: Resolutions for Google

So, it seems, are many at Google. The company’s senior counsel admits that it has “compromised its mission” by censoring its index. The company has made it clear that it sees the decision as a difficult choice: the lesser of two evils.


Google’s executives may feel badly about what it has done. But if a company can aspire to “not be evil,” and then fail to live up to that, and admits that it has compromised its own mission, what can it do?

How can Google possibly reduce, if not make up for, the damage it has done?

By leveraging the access that the CCP has provided Google to bring in documents that are ‘acceptable’ to the party but are ultimately transformative.

When you encounter a terrorist armed with an AK-41 pointed at a little girl, you don’t rush the terrorist because its wrong for the terrorist to hold the girl hostage. That’ll only get the girl killed. What you have to do is talk to the terrorist. Not to negotiate, but to create a safe moment of opportunity.

Despite its succeses, the EFF has been criticized in the past for its ineffectiveness in some matters. A lot of it IMHO can be attributed to its no-compromise, gung-ho, all-american hero attitude. But its learning. Check out the full article.


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