a better explanation for my anti-Sony position

(warning: Not Safe for Work) I’m tired of Sony’s bullshit.So like recently I bought myself a Samsung C140 to replace the dying Nokia 5110 I had been using since I lost my Nokia 2300 (see my mind-Dumpster for more details).

There are a few brand-new Sony Erricson cellphones that are available cheaper in the Indonesian market, and they do tend to have the best price-performance balance at least feature-wise. So naturally quite a few friends have on occations asked me, “so why don’t you buy a Sony?”

I would usually begin my answer with, “Ideological reasons.,” and they’d ask just exactly what I meant with that and I’d blabber on-and-on with technojargon and people would just get lost.

Well this guy IMHO has a better wrap-up of what exactly is wrong with Sony: “Sony hates their customers.”

Its a shame though, how the company that invented the Walkman and the Betamax could become so high-winded and fearful of the open market; how they’re so obsessed with lock-in. One would think that bringing in a foreign CEO like Howard Stringer would cause enough cultural change that the company would at least stop fearing their customers and stop demanding that the customer bend to the will of mighty Sony. Well Dude, you’re not mighty anymore. D’uh.

‘Mighty’ Sony didn’t come this far, becoming a gigantic multinational company, by being this anathema with their customers, did they? I’d imagine Sony’s success in the past to come more from their innovations. Maybe they are dreaming that they can create these must-have electronic toys, and these toys would be so wonderful that no-one would mind if they put in these locks and cages so that once you went with Sony you’ll be stuck with them forever amen.

It doesn’t work that way anymore. It hasn’t worked that way for a long time. How can Sony not realize that vendor lock-in does not work anymore? If you want user loyalty, you gotta begin with building trust. I don’t trust you, Sony, and that’s why I’m not buying you.

Get me to trust you again. Open up. Then maybe, just maybe I’d just consider at least peeking your way again.

Originally posted at the mind-Dumpster



  1. i had negitive dealings with sony on a computer model vgcrc310g that i sent to sony service center i sent pc in for windows and drivers to be readded after losing that and not being able to restore it under extended warrentee ,isent it in perfect conditition !!!!!!!!!!!WHEN SONY RECIEVED IT THEY DROPPED IT and is blaming me for the damage ,all it went it for is hd and readd win and drivers. sence they dropped it and my extended warrentee doesnt cover that type of damage they wanted 1600 to fix it .
    i told them i refuse to pay for them dropping it fix it at your cost. they sent back to me unrepaired and with more damage then i sent it in with

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Rick.

    Btw, do you live in Indonesia, or elsewhere? I would guess this kind of customer service nightmare isn’t exclusive to any nation (or to any brand, for that matter; but that’s a matter for another post, I suppose…)

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