Why not, Indonesia? A musing inspired by my typing on my Taiwanese netbook

Why did I get an Acer Aspire One netbook instead of an Elevo Butterfly or something?
Just simply because there were actual hands-on reviews of Aspire Ones and none of Elevo?
Why didn’t I check up Info Komputer or Chip?

Why do I not trust Indonesian quality?
And don’t give me that bullshit about Indonesia simply sucks. I don’t buy it.

Why don’t I own any League sneakers? I own a red pair of Specs though. And a leather Tomkins.
But my most common daily shoe is my Crocs Santa Cruz loafers.
I use my Specs when I ride my bicycle though… the St.Cruz loafers are kinda ruffly, and the soles too soft for hard riding.

All four of my bicycles are Indonesian branded though. (And Indonesian manufactured as far as I can tell…)

Discussions at our foundation would say that this is because we’re borrowing technology instead of developing our own. Therefore when seeking out the best technology seek out the original makers.

But the microprocessor was invented in Silicon Valley, while almost 90% of this netbook I’m typing on was manufactured in Taiwan.

Even this Windows XP operating system, if you really trace it, is the result of international collaboration. You cannot credibly state that it is 100% Redmond. Or Santa Barbara/San Fransisco/California etc.

Rootedness… rootedness… where a culture’s identity & strength lies…

I read an article recently which stated that Jakarta could be the next silicon valley. Yeah, well what about Delhi? Hyderabad? Or Moscow for that matter? Kuala Lumpur? Even the Finns aren’t giving up quite yet, despite Nokia’s down n’ out condition. (They’re in hunkering mode right now, as far as I’m concerned; trying to reinvent the Windows Phone 7 OS in their own image. They’re still fighting, believe you me.)

Indonesia is faltering because many people, including myself, currently doubt not only whether or not Indonesia could win, but even more incredulously (or even quite pathetically) whether Indonesia *should* win. Its sickening, this nationwide defeatist attitude.

….But is it really nationwide? Could it be its just us urban hipsters, victims or our own hype? Our own snark?

This musing is beginning to become counter-productive, so I’ll just stop here for now. Maybe I’ll continue at some other time when i can think of something concrete that I can at least imagine doing.


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