Firefox 2 is out

cross-posted from my mind-Dumpster

You may have heard, but just in case you haven’t, the latest version of the Firefox browser was released yesterday at 6 PM Pacific time, or 8 o’clock this morning in Jakarta.

The official Firefox 2 announcement is at MozillaZine, with details on new features etc. You can download Firefox 2 at if you’re in no hurry, and if you’re currently using Firefox version 1.5 and above, the Auto-update should kick in within the next couple of days.As is usually the case with a Firefox upgrade, some extensions have been disabled because they are not compatible with version 2. On my machines these are Fasterfox, Tab Mix Plus, Search Plugin Hack, Feedview, BBCode, RadialContext, and Show Image.

Some of these are features now integrated with Firefox 2.0 (for example Feedview, Search Plugin Hack), others are currently being updated (Tab Mix Plus, Fasterfox), while some I just don’t know about but wish they will be soon (RadialContext, Show Image). Most of my other extensions survived the upgrade though; they tend to be less complex than the ones listed above.

More Firefox plugins at AMO and at The Extensions Mirror.

(Oh and btw IE7 was released last Friday)