I can post to WordPress.com from TweetDeck…

I can post to WordPress.com from TweetDeck, but I’m limited to 140chars.. -_-“



So like I just woke up this morning and lo and behold look what I got in the mailbox. Mr. WordPress told me that I better log in or else so here I am. Tony says it only takes five minutes to blog so here goes.

Hoookay, where to start…

My real-life name is Ferdinand F. Zebua, but on teh intarwebs I prefer to go by the monicker Lemi4 aka. fERDI:). Because I don’t think I’m not quite myself when I’m online. And besides it helps to remind me that the web is not my life. Whew. I’m Lemi4 aka. fERDI:) not simply Lemi4 because there are apparently other Lemi4s around here, just google it. There was a time when if you google my name you’d find that I made an 88x15px link button for the OSI.

OSI button - large

I’ve made a better version though (which I haven’t submitted yet),

OSI button, 80x15 px

and others, which you can find at my main weblog, the mind-Dumpster:). I made these using the Windows version of the GIMP and Inkscape, using source files available at the OSI’s web site. You’d also find that Google keeps suggesting you to search for Ferdinand Zebra.

I applied for a WordPress.com account mostly to check out the interface (which I find nice, so far), but at the time I had also wanted to start a blog where I’d gather all my Free Software/Open-source postings. I wanted to log my journey to full-time professional FLOSS use.

I’m a graphic designer by trade, and I depend a lot on Freehand and Photoshop. Not just to simply create purty pictures, but to maintain color consistency, to work in CMYK, to produce predictable output, to work with service bureaus and offset-printing shops still depending on Mac and/or Windows hardware.

Not that FLOSS can’t achieve these things, I’m sure that one can use the GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus, and Ghostscript to produce printing-press quality PDFs. I only have to learn to use these tools. And I shall. In time.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, where more than 90% of all software used is pirated. So price is not a problem here when using proprietary systems. At least not yet. But I’m not moving to FLOSS just to avoid legal risk or to avoid paying for my software. I’m moving to FLOSS in order to understand my computer again. You know, like way back when you know that you load EMM386.SYS to gain high-memory access, when you can use ANSI.SYS to prettify the C prompt, when you could at least guess what purpose each and every file in c:\dos holds. When you can spot a virus by looking at it weird. Maybe I don’t get it all too well back then, but at least I get more of it then than I do now.

Whatever. Like maybe I just wanna feel honest. Like maybe I’d like to feel that I’m not a thief when I’m using my PC.

And like I better get back to editing that layout that I’ve got to get done by four. I may be freelance but that doesn’t mean that I can break my own deadlines. I’ll write more as opportunity permits.

Hello world!

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